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Cerro de S. Miguel
Come to know one of the most beautiful panoramic views of Portugal and the most outstanding view point over the Ria Formosa, observe the drawing of the islands, discover the outlines of the beaches, channels and tidal flats, realise of the many shades of blue that the Atlantic Ocean sea has, feel in the face the breeze of highlands whilst listening to it sound against the vegetation, discover the different kinds of plants that flourish in here, see the hawk´s flight trajectory… Enjoy nature in Cerro de S. Miguel. Binoculars included.

Price per person.
3 hours - 30 Euros.

Cerro da Cabeça
The Cerro da Cabeça is located at less than 10 km Northeast of Olhão, and is an area of recognised environmental value and is classified as a Site of Community Importance in the nature protection network within the European Union space, Natura 2000. This allows us to offer visitors nature tourism experiences of high quality such as the visit to a natural geological monument composed by limestone rock with karst landforms, which shapes the major area of this geological morphology in the south of the country together with countless caves that are used as shelter by different species of bats. Binoculars included.

Price per person per Tour.
3 hours - 30 Euros.

Birds Route
Come on this relatively flat walk in the heart of the Natural Park of Ria Formosa, notice the labyrinth of channels and marsh vegetation, be dazzled by the sun reflection on the water, breathe in the sea air loaded with salt, cross with a Chameleon (Chamaleo chamaleon), spot aquatic birds and listen their distinct sounds, observe activity with local traditions such as the salt production. Binoculars included.

Price per person per Tour.
3 hours - 30 Euros.

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